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Embracing Hospitality: A Global Journey from the Heart, Thoughts from the Industry

Shakawath Hossain

CEO, Unique Hotel and Resorts LTD

Hospitality industry is something that we should belong it from our heart and our core. Anybody who comes into this industry is an international citizen. It means the person who works in the hotel, they will get a chance abroad and can transfer their ideas, knowledge and skills to different parts of the world. And across the world, they can work at the same pace. For example, if some person works in a kitchen and he or she already knows the international customer experience and demands and they can cater to customer demands and wants. And if somebody works in the front office he or she can easily work anywhere in the world using the same system, PMS (Property Management System) and as he/she is dealing the International guest. So, anybody who wanted to come into this industry, want to study this subject, is more than welcome, because nowadays many universities, government universities, private universities they are having this subject and with a full-fledged department and some people have the sub-departmental subject.
Anyway, when I heard that, this subject is being taught in Tejgaon College, Dhaka and I am very happy to hear this, that Tejgaon College is also a part of accommodating this subject. In future, when these students will come up in the industry, they will get a good opportunity to learn and educate themselves and they can motivate others to come into this industry. This industry is something that we feel pleasure working in. Though there are a few small challenges, however, end of the day, we feel pleasure. Because you can serve the best people in the world, you can serve the best conglomerate, the artist, the rich man, the industrialist, the journalist, or anyone who you want, we can meet and talk to them. Why I am saying these because the next-generation business will be networking and relationships. So, you will get the right place to make your network so strong and your relationships so smooth and you can do purposeful work for society, for the country even for the international community.
Saying this, I wish all the best to the student of Tejgaon College, Dhaka and the faculties and Chairman of the department and other teachers those who are engaged and giving their heart and soul to make these students succeed in their life. And we are here in the industry waiting to get you in our community, in our industry, in our hotels to give you the internship, to give you the job and depending on the availability and the vacancy.